As some do with words, I create characters through visuals, through surroundings – sets, careful pairings of visual contexts, props, and unspoken subtleties. I consider myself a Renaissance woman, which has proven helpful when projects have required anywhere from puppet making to prop aging, on-site curtain construction to handmade artworks and bookbinding. I enjoy using power tools, painting walls, and thrift shopping – molding drapery like sculpture and arranging flowers – recreating time-periods of our past and magical realities all the same.

I stumbled into Production Design quite by happenstance, but have found a great passion for it and its process, people, and creativity. Acknowledging that these sets and most of my current works are temporary and project-based, I find that photographs and film do these final products the most visual justice. I hope you enjoy watching these productions as much as I enjoyed working on them.


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