Rachel’s Madcap Theater: Meet the Puppets

I am pleased to say that Rachel’s Madcap Theater, directed by Joey Laura, has been successfully filmed and is now in the midst of post-production editing and sound. It was such a pleasure to work on this short film. Now a few months removed from the project, I am in such awe of our puppets. Laura Sumich and I crafted 4 puppets together and I made an additional 2 monsters (you know, for good measure…) with Diane Galatowitsch. I am so grateful to Laura and Diane for all of their hard work and insight and am thrilled with how everything came together. Photos by Noell Dominick.

Rachel and Puppets Cecile Monteyne with Brick, Georgie, Muscles, and CrocGroupC

Franz and Rachel Franz and Cecile

Muscles Sketch Notes on Muscles McGee from my sketchbookIMG_9338

TNTMichael Krikorian with Belinda and Brick

Bed Sketch Sketchbook notes for bed contraption to hide puppeteersIMG_9421 Croc (voiced by Mike Spara), Georgie (voiced by Natalie Hultman), Muscles (voiced by Matt Standley) Brick PosterJoey Laura and I also collaborated on several posters to promote Rachel’s puppet shows and to decorate the set. This one is my favorite. I imagine it being the book cover for Brick’s memoirs and title of his lecture circuit. Brick (voiced by Jacob McManus)

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