2013 Bridge House Recycled Fashion Show

While the Bridge House Recycled Fashion show is on the mind, here is a look back at my creations from 2013. Once again, Maureen Iverson got to rock the morning airwaves on WGNO and did a magnificent job. I have also included my fashion blurbs for your reading enjoyment.

Hot Town: Summer in the City The world agrees: there can never be too many palazzo pants. The best in casual fashion, these pants have been given a high waist with sassy denim and button details. Paired with a green top for a burst of color and glam, the ensemble is completed with a sleeveless black leather vest for just the right amount of pizzaz.

Bridge House Fashion ShowMaureen Iverson modeling

Bridge House Fashion Show

Bohemian Bombshell This vintage red cocktail dress has been re-energized with black leather pockets and a patterned cape-let that would make any Fairy Tale character blush. Feminine yet edgy,sassy and chic, this ensemble is not for the faint of heart and will sky-rocket your evening as you make a statement with every step.

Bridge House Fashion Show

Izzy Riofrio modellingBridge House Fashion Show

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