The Mary Janes

Here are some set photos from The Mary Janes, a thesis film directed by Jessica Voelker, for which I was the Production Designer. A big thank you to my art team on this one. We were given the challenge of dressing an empty house, which was great because we were able to create the characters’ surroundings from the floor up, but it was also quite a feat and I greatly appreciate everyone’s hard work.

Mary Janes Bathroom2

Mary Janes Bathroom3

Mary Janes Bathroom Mary Janes Room

Mary Janes Room Detail

Living Room2Caleigh Keith and Sylvia Grace Crim

Living Room3Trenton Mynatt (Director of Photography), Joey Harmon, Jessica Voelker (Director), Barry Cunningham

Living Room

Living Room4

Living Room5

MantelPhotography courtesy of Mack Walker and Paul Punzo.


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